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All of our CBD Focused products are made with the highest purity Phytocannabinoid and Terpene-rich hemp oils with ZERO THC.   
Is SOZO Right For you?
“Mind Blown” -“I use your 500 mg Orange Splash, and I feel as if it has been a lifesaver. It has me completely mind-blown that it works on such a variety of problems.” – Dana B

 ‘No More Back Rubs” I started taking SOZO CBD oils and gummies because I suffered from body aches and pains on a daily basis.  My body pain diminished to almost nonexistent. My wife loves it too because I’m not asking her for back rubs every day anymore! – Zack M

“Noticeable Difference” – I have tried a few different brands of CBD. Since trying the SOZO brand, there is a noticeable difference in quality. Besides helping with my Headaches,  I also notice it’s helping me sleep at night. Especially the gummies! Jaden L


3rd Party Lab Tested

All SOZO products are 3rd party tested. These Certified Lab Results go way beyond just showing how much CBD is in a bottle. We also test for any harsh chemicals, pesticides, and solvents.


Clean CO2 Extraction

And unlike other CBD products, SOZO CBD™ Orange Splash contains 500mg of clean – CO2 extracted CBD from the finest USA-Grown Organic Hemp available.


USA Certified Organic

At SOZO CBD™, our focus is on quality from the ground up. From the specifically bred plants to the soil we use to our 100% certified organic farming practices – Nothing is overlooked.


100% Money Back

If your product is broken, lost or damaged OR if our products are not 100% what we claim them to be, simply let us know within 35 days and we’ll make it right!

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At SOZO CBD™,  we want you feeling better right way! That’s why we offer Fast and FREE Shipping for All First Time Customers, and always free shipping on any order over $50! Packed and mailed the same or next business day.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

We are absolutely dedicated to your wellness. If you have any problems just let us know. Your 100% satisfaction is our guarantee.


Real Customer Service

Nothing happens without you. We get that. Just call or email with any questions or concerns. We’ll get back with you in 24 hours or less.


Safe Secure Checkout

Our payment methods are secure and encrypted. Your online purchases are always safe with SOZO.