It all starts from the ground up, literally. From seed to your shelf, every single step is tracked and tested along the way.

We use genetically-designed hybrid hemp plants that are bred specifically for maximum potency while maintaining superb terpene profiles. Our extraction process then removes any small amount of THC. This is to achieve the full entourage effect without the “high,” or psychoactive effects.

Following extraction, we’re able to maintain vitamins, minerals, fatty acids along with terpenes and minor cannabinoids such as cbdv.

Next – we take the highest quality essential oils and all-natural ingredients in their purest form and formulate it into what we call Blended Wellness.

See The Difference. Taste The Difference. Feel The Difference.

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Everything you need to achieve the entourage effect without THC.

Designed for maximum absorption and benefit.

Refined proprietary Co2 extraction process maintains the cannabinoids as well as amazing terpene profiles.

TASTE was NOT an afterthought. Feeling better never tasted this good. 

May help with anxiety

May help with swelling, soreness, pain & stiffness.

Full spectrum hemp extract is a powerful anti-inflammatory product. This helps relieve joint pain, adds mobility, agility and energy.

Highest standards in the industry. 100% Organic Farming. Farm Bill Compliant. No Pesticides. No Harsh Chemicals. 3rd Party Lab Tested.

BIG Claims and Bold Promise.

Look, there are lots of CBD hemp oil claims out there. We get that. And, you should be skeptical.

In truth, we don’t know if CBD is going to help with reducing some of your symptoms, but we are confident enough to provide a money back guarantee.

And if CBD is going to help, you’re going to want the purest, highest quality, CBD oil on the planet.

And that’s what SOZO is… Every—Single—Time.

We guarantee it.

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